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For a Better, Brighter Future

Welcome to the official page of Michael Nixon, a passionate AMERICAN FIRST Republican advocate and dedicated business and Air Force leader that was a strong contender for Congress in Georgia's District 2. With a deep commitment to serving ALL the community’s citizens and a vision for a brighter future, Michael is committed to bring positive change, improvements and opportunity to the district.

 Even though Michael Nixon did not advance past the primary for Congress, he is wholeheartedly throwing his support behind Wayne Johnson, who he firmly believes is the most qualified candidate to challenge and defeat Sanford Bishop.

Wayne Johnson brings a wealth of experience, capability, and a strong commitment to representing the people. Michael is convinced that Wayne is the right person to lead the charge against the entrenched interests in Washington, D.C., and to bring about the change that is sorely needed. Wayne Johnson is poised to take on the fight and demonstrate to the nation's capital just how dissatisfied and frustrated the people are with the status quo and the detrimental impact of the political "swamp" on our country.

Michael Nixon proudly stands with President Donald J. Trump in his vision for America's future. Committed to upholding conservative values and promoting policies that prioritize American prosperity and security, Michael is dedicated to advancing the America First agenda. Join us in supporting Michael Nixon as he works to champion the principles that make our nation great.

Join Michael Nixon's campaign today and be part of the America First movement that strives to put OUR country back on the path to greatness and a brighter future for District 2 of Georgia.



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*Military information/imagery does not imply endorsement by the Dept. of the Air Force or Dept. of Defense.

Michael Nixon for Congress, Inc.
P.O. Box 5793, Thomasville, GA 31758

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