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For a Better, Brighter Future

Welcome to the official page of Michael Nixon, a passionate WE ARE ALL AMERICANS Republican advocate and dedicated business and Air Force leader running for Congress in Georgia's District 2. With a deep commitment to serving ALL the community’s citizens and a vision for a brighter future, Michael is committed to bring positive change, improvements and opportunity to the district.

Michael Nixon brings a wealth of strong leadership experience and perspective to the political arena. He is committed to fight for affordable healthcare; quality, parental choice education; growth based jobs; growth based deficit reduction; lower taxes; and a safe place to live and raise a family; AND A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE, NOT ON IT!

With a strong track record of community involvement and decorated military service, Michael listens to the concerns and needs of the people; ensuring that every voice is heard and represented in the decision-making process. Michael commits to re-build trust between the government and its constituents.

Join Michael Nixon's campaign today and be part of the WE ARE ALL AMERICANS! movement that strives for progress, unity, and a brighter future for District 2 of Georgia. Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive community where every individual has the chance to thrive.



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*Military information/imagery does not imply endorsement by the Dept. of the Air Force or Dept. of Defense.

Michael Nixon for Congress, Inc.
P.O. Box 5793, Thomasville, GA 31758

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